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Miss Amy's Journal

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26th September 2002

1:43pm: I'm having a craving to dominate today.

Last night, around 3:30 one of my dogs went nuts barking etc... seems he heard some asshole breaking the window out of my car. Now I've only had the car for 3 months, which makes this piss me off, but what is even more aggravating is that there was nothing to steal. Broken window $179... change stolen from vehicle... less than a dollar... using a singletail on asshole in question's balls until they no longer function... priceless.

On a brighter note, a present arrived, but there is no note so I have no idea who sent it. It is a lovely little fountain/candle holder that made me smile on a day that I had no good reason to smile. Somebody did good!

21st September 2002

5:58pm: This is the email I sent LondonDude1138 on keen... Sometimes I am just too damn nice.

So that I never have to tolerate your whining, your irritating nasal pouting and even more annoying, your lowlife and artless personality, I have banned you from calling me. I am mourning the loss of minutes wasted talking to you that I can never get back.

Whine in someone else's ear, jerk off to your heart's content, do whatever you want as long as I don't have to hear your sniveling, wanker without a clue act.

Do the world a favor and shut yourself in where you can't be a plague on humanity.
Current Mood: annoyed

20th April 2002

12:43pm: As some of you know, I'm at home... recovering from surgery. My appendix almost burst earlier this week, but luckily I got to the hospital in time. So much for it being a pulled muscle or middleschmertz (however the hell you spell that)!

I'm back doing calls here and there... I'm still in some pain so I won't be back to my scheduled hours completely for a few more days, but I'll be doing calls all the same. If you aren't sure if you'll catch me, make an appointment.

I guess the good news is that what's is bad for me works well for you... between feeling too crappy to go to school and the surgery recovery, I've had to drop my classes this quarter, so once I'm feeling good, I'll be on keen a lot. (I had to look really hard to find the silver lining in this cloud, let me tell ya!)

Current Mood: sedated lol

10th April 2002

11:11am: I've changed my hours on keen... I'm now on the schedule system... 9:30 a.m. to 11pm Monday through Saturday. I do log out to go to classes and such, but in general those are the times when you can reach me.

If you aren't sure if I'll be available, feel free to make an appointment!
11:08am: I think I forgot to mention a very fun session I had last week... a spanking session. Of course, I love anything that has to do with inflicting pain, so this was big fun. Red booty, as I refer to him, has a real thing for spanking and is very good about doing exactly what I say. I was getting tired of his only toy being a ping pong paddle, so I recommended that he find something new...

Being the good boy that he is, he went out and bought a hairbrush. Hairbrushes, for those of you who don't already know, make great spanking weapons, especially for OTK. So we do a little spanking with his bare hand and the ping pong paddle (say ping pong paddle fast 5 times!) I told him to use the hair brush HARD. How better to prove to your mistress that you are truly doing it hard other than having the brush break on your bright red ass. Yes that is right, I told him to spank HARD with the brush and he did... to the point of breaking the brush. What a spanking hussy! I love it! We made do for the rest of the call with his hand and paddle, which was still quite fun. I just wish I could take total responsibility for the brush breaking.

Current Mood: happy

6th April 2002

11:40am: Sometimes, well, frequently, men just piss me off. Take for example the latest moron on keen mtnmanlarry... what an idiot. Total fucking dolt. We are talking 3 brain cells short of a happy meal here.
This genius, and I use the term sarcastically, calls and says he isn't submissive, he wants to dom a domme. I say no, he says yes, I say I'm hanging up on your pathetic and sorry ass and then I do... of course, he leaves one star.
What is it that you masturbation addicted morons don't understand about dominant women? This isn't fake, I'm really dominant and I'm not going to pretend to be some twit submissive for your pleasure. So MtnMoronLarry... stuff it up your asshole, you fucking pathetic wanker loser. I hope you read this and realize hundreds of people know what an absolute piece of dog shit eating fuck you are.
Remember everyone, MtnManLarry... the perfect target if you have to take a piss.
Current Mood: annoyed

4th April 2002

7:49pm: I have the overwhelming urge to do some hard core CBT, NT, waxing or some other sort of serious pain infliction... any pain sluts out there?
Current Mood: restless

3rd April 2002

9:23pm: Had a fun hypno session today. I love a good hypnosis session!! This one was to make him feel very submissive to me and oh did it work. hehe. I love putting in little post hypnotic suggestions (my pain toy can tell you all about me giving him perma grin). At first I was worried that the quality of the connection (a cell phone plus he was in the UK) would affect the hypnosis, but no problem at all.

Evil me not only made him feel incredibly submissive, but I put a little suggestion in that his hand would itch when he woke... of course, his hand was itching and all I had to say was "I just made it go away" for it to stop. hehehe. I love little mind games.

Anyway, the session was an enormous success. He was left feeling amazingly devoted, totally submissive and desiring to please me in any way I desired. Hypnosis... the ultimate mind game really... how can you not love it?

I also had a small penis humiliation call... have I mentioned how much I love humiliation. There is something about telling a man how his dick is far too small to ever give a woman pleasure that is so satisfying. As I'm so fond of saying... You call that a penis?? hehe. How I love my job, let me count the ways.

Current Mood: accomplished
8:29pm: If you didn't know this already two of my slave boys have journals here as well... interesting reading!! one is amyspaintoy and the other is niptortureslave. If you aren't familiar enough with live journal to find them, try www.livejournal.com/users/amyspaintoy
Current Mood: chipper
1:15pm: This is so unlike me, I need to get it over with before I change my mind. A very special thank you to my nipple torture slave. Thank you for getting my medicine, thank you for carrying me when I couldn't make it up the stairs, and most of all, thank you for leaving work early to make sure that I was OK when I didn't answer the phone. I owe you heaps of hard core nipple torture!!!!
1:07pm: Almost forgot... My CDs are available now. I am currently offering

small penis humiliation (30 minutes of me making fun of your little weenis)
orgasm control/denial (30 minutes)
hypnosis (45 minutes) be more submissive to me and eager to please

Now more will be coming soon, but I am also offering CUSTOM cds in both 30 and 60 minute lengths, at my discretion. So if you want to hear me saying your name, saying things like, "Yes, you John are the most worthless little dicked loser I've ever had the misfortune of knowing" Custom is for you.

The bitch, the bitch, the bitch is back!
12:59pm: Did I mention that I had another session with my little British Pain Slut recently? Fun fun fun. Sometimes I just have to sit back and giggle to myself, wow, I really am an evil bitch. hehehe. It was at least a week ago, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I must say he took it like a man. Nipple clamps, ball spanking, caning his ass, paddling his ass, riding crop on his balls and ass, hot wax everywhere it could possibly hurt, icy hot on sensitive bits, and the list goes on and on. I have to say, I was practically giddy I was having so much fun. There is nothing like a serious pain slut to make me sit up and get creative to the point of evil. hehe.

I suppose evil isn't really correct... it would be evil if he was one of my sissies entirely not into pain. Something about administering pain does get the creative juices flowing though, and I love it.

Anyway, we did plenty of dildo bouncing... with icy hot for lubricant if I'm not mistaken, and tons of nipple torture. Hot wax, flake it off, more hot wax, flake it off, nipple clamps on, more wax until they were pretty much sealed on... such fun! I love hot wax... it is so much fun, so painful and utterly univeral in its uses. Too much precum, no problem, wax it closed. Nipple clamps won't stay on? Wax them on. Subby talking to much? Drip wax on him until he shuts his trap. Wax... what a wonderful thing.

Current Mood: happy
12:40pm: There are so many things I have to post about, things that didn't get written because I got sick. First, my little swallower had turned into quite the pleasant surprise. I think it was our third call that finally had him eating out of my hand. He's quite a good hypnosis subject, becoming utterly addicted to the sound of my voice and throwing himself full force into serving me, but that is another story entirely.

My little swallower finally lived up to his name. He happily filled a glass with his own urine, most likely suspecting that I was planning to make him drink it, and was positively eager to drink it all down for me. I had other plans, so I let him drink almost all of it, leaving 2 inches of the golden fluid in the bottom of the glass. I'd been keeping him worked up for quite some time, and I was aware that it had been at least 3 weeks since his last self inflicted orgasm, so I made up my mind to make him pay for the one I was going to grant him.

I was quite sure that he enjoyed drinking his piss far too much for it to be used to earn anything, so I had him cum in the glass, swirl his sperm around in the glass with the remaining urine, and of course, glug glug glug.

Now on top of being so utterly willing to serve and doing everything I say, my swallower has gone above and beyond in the spoiling and pleasing department. Most of my little slave boys don't like to buy anything that isn't fun or at least interesting, but not my swallower. He knew I wanted pots and pans so that is exactly what he sent me. Calphalon. Ooooooh. WONDERFUL. On top of that, when I was feeling awful he sent me a book that I was dying to read and my favorite movie on DVD... he sets such a wonderful example for everyone in the spoiling and pampering department.

Current Mood: happy
12:28pm: It seems like it took forever to start feeling better... UGH. I'm usually as healthy as a horse, but man... I was so sick. Thank you all for thinking of me and sending get well soon email. It turns out I got the double whammy... a really bad case of the flu and a sinus infection at the same time. EEEEk.

Anyway, I'm back to 100% methinks, and I am so looking forward to making up for lost time.
Current Mood: happy

27th March 2002

11:33am: P.S. I updated a few of my 18Amy recordings a day or two ago. Hope you enjoy them.
11:33am: There is so much I want to say... about my swallower and british pain slut and about so many fun things I've done. But the truth is, I'm as sick as a dog. My mind says, spank some pussyboys and you'll feel better... my body says, get your ass back to bed.

I will try very hard to be back very soon. Miss me much!

P.S. Why doesn't anyone ever comment on my journal?
Current Mood: sick, sore, sleepy, shivering

21st March 2002

3:05pm: Today has been great fun so far. Let's see, I started out by spanking the shit out of one of my little painsluts. I had his use his hand, a wooden spoon, a spatula, his hand some more, and finally a wooden hanger. I think the wooden hanger actually bruised more than it stung, so he'll be thinking of me for days to come, just the way I like it.
After that I talked to one of my moneyslaves. He craves hypno, so I did some hypno with a serious ulterior motive... orgasms=spoiling me. It worked even better than I hoped because when I ended the hypno session, he wanted to cum and before I even mentioned it he was at my amazon wishlist buying me a book. I love the fact that he's starting to associate physical pleasure with spoiling me. EXACTLY the way I like it.
My paintoy is no longer on non person status so we had some fun today. We did the usual 5 minutes of stroking, 5 minutes of not stroking for 15 minutes, then we moved on to spanking. He actually begged for spanking. What fun that was. He's going to be squirming today at work, I just know it. He even bought me a book afterward to show me how much he adores me. What a good boy! As soon as I'm done here I'm going to go and read his journal and see his take on the whole thing.
Last night I had heaps of fun with petticoatedsissy. His purple plastic pants finally arrived, so to christen them I got him all worked up (just to torture him a little extra) and then when he calmed back down I had him wet his diaper. Of course, since he was wearing the plastic pants he didn't have to worry about any leaks, so I instructed him to sleep in his wet diaper. I'm hoping he has diaper rash so I can send him out for Desitin and baby powder.
I have the software finally to start making my custom CDs for people. Humiliation, Hypno, etc but I'm having a hell of a time figuring it out. Once I do, watch out. hehe. I think the hypno CDs will be especially good because you can listen to them on headphones and really get the full effect as though I am in the room.
There is a major storm moving in here, supposed to be heaps of snow and that sort of thing. I wish I had a slave nearby that I could make ferry me from door to door in a nice warm car. Soon hopefully!
More later.
Current Mood: jubilant
2:54pm: How to find me with one quick click.

19th March 2002

7:41pm: I thought of a page header for the website I want to build.... "I castrated my dogs and I love them... just think of what I'll do to you". What do you think? Good?
Current Mood: cranky
7:38pm: It is said that we learn something new every day. Today I learned that people who mumble bug the living shit out of me. I mean REALLY bug me. Top ten list of pet peeves... number 7... mumblers. The next person who calls me and mumbles the entire fucking time is getting a Tobasco enema with either no lubricant or BenGay for lub.
Current Mood: pissed off
4:41pm: Today has been a good day so far. One of my little playthings that normally cums WAY too soon actually managed to be a good boy today and get through both spanking AND some dildo riding. Woo hoo. My training methods must be working because he seemed eager to last longer and please me. I love that.

I also had a brand new slave boy give me a ring and not only was he eager to please, he had a few toys. I happily had him wrap rubber bands around his balls and snap them repeatedly, twist clothespins on his balls and nipples, fuck his hand like a dirty slut, and whack his ass and balls with a hairbrush. Not bad for an Amy virgin, not bad at all. In fact, I was quite pleased. Next time should be even better.

I just called Nip at work. He's going to be cooking me dinner because I don't feel like doing it myself. If I cook it will be a salad, if he cooks I get crabcakes or something yummy like that PLUS he buys the ingredients. He tried to hide it a few weeks ago, but he got irritated with me over crabcakes. He bought the stuff and made them but I thought the lumps were too small. I insisted on bigger lumps next time. His reply "bigger lumps are 22 dollars a pound" earned him some a qtip laced with BenGay in his penis. Does that make me a bad person? hehe. I hope so. Anyway, in the nip vs Amy battle for cooking, nip actually gets to win. Absolute no brainer there. He doesn't complain but I can tell that he doesn't like it when I use the crop on his ass while he's using one of his ginsu's, but he is just going to have to deal with it. What does it matter if he loses a finger or two? hehehe. Just kidding. Although he'd probably like it if I cropped him while he was cooking and something hot landed on his nipples.

I'm trying to work on some ideas for a website of my very own. I already have a domain picked out, but I want to really express who I am with this site. It is harder to do than one would imagine, making a site about yourself and truly getting across what and who you are.

Next hardest thing seems to be finding someone really excellent to build the site who doesn't charge a fortune... any really good html guys out there willing to trade site building (not front page stuff, I mean flash etc) for phone domination? I know there has to be one out there, there just HAS to be.

Ok I'm back. Had to stop and humiliate someone. I can't believe how many men out there are into cuckolding. It is so cool that one of my favorite ways to humiliate seems to be a totally untapped kink. hehehe. I made a recording the other day... you couldn't satisfy her, so I will... or something like that. Basically it is about how this little short dick loser couldn't make his girlfriend cum so I do the job for him with a strap on. Very hot recording if you ask me. I'm working on a new one where I am having a slumber party and we catch this pervert peeking in the window... a slumber party gang domination kind of thing. Should be equally hot.

I have a recording to make for my little hypno addict tonight. Should be excellent, but I'm not sure if it will apply to anyone but him, we shall see. Now that I have a new computer (thank you mikey) I can start making my hypno CDs and humiliation CDs and anything else that amuses me. I should have a few ready to go by the end of the week. I can't wait to start selling them, I think they will be a big hit.

More later, have to go wrap a guy with saran wrap... weeeee!

Current Mood: I seem to be in an 80's mood
4:13pm: I almost forgot to mention.... if you have never used keen before send me an email at naughtylittleamy@aol.com and I will be happy to send you an invitation so we can chat for free. I'm just too damn nice!
Current Mood: mischievous

18th March 2002

7:49pm: Ok, to answer the questions I keep hearing...

http://www.keen.com/18Amy is my home page (be sure to scroll down)

http://www.keen.com/more18Amy is an additional home page

http://www.geocities.com/amyspainslut is a tribute page from my little pain toy

Additionally, two of my boys have journals here on livejournal.com Amyspaintoy & Niptortureslave

17th March 2002

8:58pm: Oh well.
Failed miserably at uploading the pics. You'll just have to be patient. The server is just too busy is what I am lead to believe. If my harem behaved like most networks, they would be black and blue the vast majority of the time. If they were AOhell, well, then they'd just be beaten until unconscious.

Today was a fun day. Let's see, I tortured my lovely British pain slut, which was too much fun to be believed. His phone died so we didn't get to finish completely, which is a hoot because I was planning on letting him cum at the end, since he did everything I asked willingly, even if it did hurt like hell. Oh well, I bet he'll charge his phone before he calls the next time. Haha. It is extra funny because being hung up on is my pet peeve and this time it worked against someone. I can't help but smile knowing that his balls will be aching for days.

Normally, I talk to my painslut on and off during the day, but he's being punished, so he's on non-person status for at least 72 hours. It sucks to disappoint me, it really does. Just read his journal.

He's trying to convince me that he didn't fail on purpose, but after I gave him his assignment he asked "what happens if I fail?" and I answered "you don't want to know" and then he asked the same question again essentially. That and the fact that he said I was meaner to others than to him the other day and he wanted to experience my mean streak. I think he was trying to top from below so to speak, so he's not allowed to even breathe in my general direction for 72 hours. Anyway,he's generally a very good boy, so I will probably forgive him after taking my pound of flesh Wednesday.

One of my slaves was an extra good boy today and bought me Dr. Seuss figurines, which I adore. Horton, Pup in Cup and Fish in the Pot now call my house home. (Hint hint, hallmark.com has the bookends I want! hehehe) Oh, and another good boy bought the DVD Wild Things and a third bought me a Koontz book. Excellent behavior from the harem.

It is funny, I thought writing a journal would be difficult, you know, all the talk about me me me me me, but I now realize it is just like the rest of my dominant day. What I want matters, what everyone else wants doesn't, or something along those lines. Just the way I like it. School is the only exception to the dominant day. I have one class with 515 people in it, even I blend into the crowd in that class. Hard to believe, but true. I could probably dance topless in that auditorium without anyone noticing. Well, that isn't true, but you get the picture. Ohio State is just too damn big to stand out most of the time. That's ok though, most guys my age aren't evolved enough to be tolerable, if they could afford me.
Hehe, almost forgot, I tormented Nip today, made him do my laundry etc, even after he gave me the Seuss figurines. It is good for him to have to work for every morsel of attention, I can't have a spoiled houseboy now can I? Besides, he still hasn't sprouted enough brain cells to make a little tiny easy itty bitty website for me, so he gets what he deserves. You should take a look at his journal, he put a pic of his poor, defenseless, swollen nip on the page. It is so big and fat that it looks like a girl's nipple. hehehehe. Isn't that the best?

Ok, I'm off to play on audiogalaxy.com as usual.

Current Mood: bouncy
8:41pm: Feel free to drool
I'm uploading a pic, lucky you!!
Current Mood: quixotic
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